Darya Kozhina
Rebecca, ensemble

Was born in Murmansk. With 10 years of singing in the academic choir boys, participated in various opera productions and concerts. She received and graduated with honors from the School of Music in the class of choral conducting. At the same time engaged in a solo variety vocal. In Murmansk she participated in the musical "Sister Linda" (Grand Prix of the International Theatre Festival of amateur theaters "The Edge", the prize for Best Actress, 2007). In 2011, she graduated with honors from St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions (workshop of Samochko M.) (Best Actress in a festival of theater graduates of universities "Apart" 2011) Actress of Theatre-Festival "Baltic House", theatre "Music Hall", "Interier theater." Since 2013 Darya is an actress and vocal teacher-tutor of musicals «Pola Negri» and «Romeo & Juliet". In 2016, having passed the casting, she was approved for the role of Rebecca and to the ensemble musical "Tanz der Vampire".