Alexander Kazmin

Born in the town of Pohvistnevo, Samara Region. In 2011 he graduated from the Nizhny Tagil State Socio-Pedagogical Academy with a degree in "Actor of Drama" (Master of the course - Professor, Honored Artist of Russia VD Veide, Head of the Vocal Class - poet and composer N. V. Skorokhodov). < / p>

As a student, Alexander took part in the performances of the Youth Theater of Nizhny Tagil. After graduation, he was invited to the troupe of the Youth Theater, where he served until 2013. Among the theatrical works: "White Nights" (Dreamer), "These free butterflies" (Donald Baker), "Exam about love" (Victor), "Fathers and Sons" (Sitnikov), "Ghouls Family" (Roman), "Day birth of the Cat Leopold "(White mouse), etc.

Since 2013, he has been at the St. Petersburg State Musical Theater "Carambol" and takes part in the musicals "Joseph and His Amazing Cloak of Dreams" (Benjamin, Butler), "June 31" (tenor darling), "Deer King" "(Leandro)," The Firebird "(Ivan Berendeyevich), etc.

Also performs leading roles in the performances "Bremen Town Musicians" and "Ali Baba and 40 songs of the Persian Bazaar" at the "Music-Hall" Theater (St. Petersburg).

In the spring of 2015, after completing all the stages of casting, he was invited to the troupe of the rock opera Crime and Punishment (directed by A. Konchalovsky, composer E. Artemyev) of the Moscow Musical Theater for the role of Rodion Raskolnikov.

In 2016-2017gg. played the role of Alfred in the Moscow production of the musical "Dance of the Vampires" by Stage Entertainment.