Alexandra Kasparova

She was born in St. Petersburg. The first creative steps were made in the choir "Legend", with which she performed for several years at concert venues in Russia and Europe. Was engaged in the House of Dance "Kannon Dance" and in the theater studio "Forte" with Tatiana Golodovich. At the age of 11, she was playing in the performances of the St. Petersburg Theater of the Musical Comedy "Countess Maritsa" and the musical "Oliver!" As an actress of the children theater studio under the direction of A.Udalova. Later she participated in various vocal competitions: "Musical Olympus" (diploma of 1 degree), "Future of Russia" (diploma of 1 degree), "Ad Libitum" (diploma of 2 degrees). She played the main role in the promo-musical J & M school "City of Miracles". In 2014 she became the performer of the role of Juliet in the 3D musical "Juliet and Romeo" Janusz Jozefowicz, within the framework of which she passed an internship in Poland. Then she played in the 3D musical "POLA NEGRI" both in St. Petersburg and in the tour version in Sochi (The Hloapushka and the Artist of the Ensemble). In February 2018, after passing the casting, she was confirmed for the role of Sarah in the musical "Dance of the Vampires" of the St. Petersburg Theatre of Musical Comedy.